Natural Hair: Referred to as a Sport

girl playing soccer opt 198x300 Natural Hair: Referred to as a SportHola Chica’s! I was browsing YouTube the other day and came across this video from sjsafety18 who seems to always have positive things to say in regards to women and the natural hair movement. So when sjsafety18 referred to natural hair as a sport, it got me to thinking and made a lot of sense. Sjsafety18 said that natural hair is similar to working out- when you work out, it’s going to take time to see your results and when you choose to go natural it’s going to take time to see your results.

Basically, he’s saying don’t give up. Continue on your journey, maybe changing things up a little along the way; experimenting with different hair styles and products until you find your rhythm in order to reap the benefits of your hard work. Check out his video below and if you’re thinking about taking the step towards natural hair, this could be your convincing factor.

Warning: Try not to stare too hard at the brother’s body. Although, it’s on-point, he does have a message in all that fine madness!  Snicker Enjoy!

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Vivica has a B.S. in Information Technology with a concentration in Multimedia & Visual Communication. She is a freelance Web & Graphic Designer, avid photographer & newly #teamnatural. She considers herself a laid back person who enjoys learning & sharing. Follow her on Twitter: @designinglady, YouTube:, Facebook:
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2 Responses to Natural Hair: Referred to as a Sport

  1. MELISASource says:

    Okay…this is by far the BEST natural hair pep talk video I’ve ever seen!! (of course, not because of the guy or anything! Wink lol )

    He used an excellent analogy of the importance of patience and persistence when on the natural hair journey — I love it!

    Great find!! ~Thanks so much for sharing this!! Smile

    • Vivica Shade says:

      LOL! Thanks for commenting! Yeah, I thought this was a very good analogy of comparing the natural hair journey to getting in shape for a sport. Patience and persistence are the keys to getting great results!

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