Yarn Braids/Genie Locs

Yarn Braids 150x150 Yarn Braids/Genie LocsHey everybody! Now that summer is ending soon and the fall and winter months are fast approaching, I have been trying to decide on some protective hairstyles I can wear during these cold months to protect the ends of my hair. My hair is not long enough to wear two strand twists for several days, yet and for the summer I did a lot of flat twist hairstyles to keep my head cool during the hot, humid summers. I’ve been watching YouTube videos (my natural hair bible) to see what others have done in the past as protective styling.

I have some kinky twists synthetic hair that I had put in my hair back in May after my big chop and said I will put them back in once it started get cold again. However, I’ve been noticing that yarn braids/genie locs are gaining popularity as a protective style. The yarn braids/genie locs are done with 100% acrylic yarn (to prevent the hair from locking) and after they are finished somewhat look like locs without actually locking the hair.

Many people put these in their hair because they like locs, but aren’t ready to attempt locking their hair. This past Thursday, I stopped at the fabric store to pick up some fabric glue and decided to buy some yarn to see if I could do the yarn braids. I watched a couple of YouTube videos (see below) and attempted this feat.  Although I wasn’t overly impressed at having yarn in my hair and having it look like locs, I may decide to put these in my hair instead of the kinky twists, since after the last time I put the kinky twists in my head they had my head itching like I had fleas or something! If I do put the yarn braids in, it won’t be until the end of this month and I’ll post photos and maybe do a video on my attempt at them. Also, I’ve been searching for another job and would hate to put these in my head only to have to take them out because of the image I “might” portray during my interview, since some companies are still not as accepting of natural hair, braids, locs, etc. as my current employer is. So once I decide whether to suspend my job search until after the last snowfall (I really don’t like job hunting during the winter months because of possible weather conditions), I’ll put off my protective styling options.

Here are a couple of videos from YouTube channels I subscribe to showing how the yarn braids/genie locs are done.


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